Interior Cladding

Modified clay is a safe alternative for the interior cladding

In PHOMI Holding we see the future of the cladding in the one that takes care about those living inside. In the same time the vast majority of population and public health institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the safety and microclimate favorably affecting those using different types of premises for living and work, and currently more and more for both. 

PHOMI Holding as the inventor of the MCM and founder of the MCM industry has created a vast portfolio of the cladding materials that are suitable for both exterior and interior use. That are: Stone, Wood, Brick, Leather, Weaving and even firesafe “stone Wallpaper” series.

One of the main applications of MCM is the interior cladding. Whether you would like to clad the interior surfaces of your administrative building, shopping mall, hospital, daycare or home - sustainable, microclimate regulating, shock-resistant, chemically and radiationally safe for those who live inside – PHOMI MCM is at your service. The total solution cost will be outstanding due to the exceptional ecological and functional value, material price (comparing to the conventional analogues), ease and speed of installation, carefree long-term usability.

Discover the unique blend of PHOMI MCM cladding benefits here.

Let us present to you some of our interior realizations from around the World: