Unlike a real rural knitting, PHOMI Weaving will not deteriorate, loose color of be damaged by insects. On the other hand unlike the natural “rural”weaving with natural clay, PHOMI Weaving will not create dirt or dust and can not be damaged by the rain water or washing.



Product dimensions: 1500x600x3-5 mm 

Product weight: 5,76 kg/m²

Box dimensions: 1520x625x65 mm

Pieces/box: 16

Kg/box: 80-83

M²/box: 14,40

Box/pallet:  10


This information is for orientation purpose only and is subject to a possible change according to the actual packaging offer.


We recommend to use the similar or nearest possible grouting color for the joints to create the best visual effects. For the use on the floor or behind the cooking corner or bathroom we recommend 3-4 layers of the sealant in order to avoid the surface contamination.


When used on the floor or walls – the common cleaning or dusting methods are applied, including vacuum-cleaning or cleaning with the pressured water.