Crossroad Mushroom

PHOMI MCM Crossroad Mushroom Stone is the most massive-looking product of PHOMI brand, classically used for the facades and interiors where we want to achieve the fundamental “heaviness”effect of the natural stone.



Product dimensions: 1200x300x3,5-12 mm 

Product weight: 14,53 kg/m²

Box dimensions: 1300x680x1040 mm

Pieces/box: 86

Kg/box: 400-450

M²/box: 30,96

Box/pallet: 86 (pieces on pallet)


This information is for orientation purpose only and is subject to a possible change according to the actual packaging offer. 


The product has the rough-cut bulging texture typical for the similar use of the massive granite blocks superb expression.


Despite the product is quite shock-resistant by itself, the best way to install the product is to fill the inner cavity with filling material on your choice (like cement/cement with stones) before fixing it onto the substrate. This will provide the ultimate shock-resisting strength in the installation areas where it is required. If your goal is to achieve the light-weight effect (only 16,45 kg/m²), then leave the cavity empty. In either case, during the installation on the fresh adhesive it is advisable to fix the tile on four corners with the nails.

Grouting: we recommend to use the similar, nearest possible or contrast color for the joints to create the best visual effects.

In case of outdoor installation: as for any kind of outdoor cladding we recommend to use high-quality flexible adhesive.

Seam: for the outdoor use we recommend to leave 2 mm seam between the tiles. In case of the interior use, when during the cladding exploitation period the temperature fluctuations are minimal, any type of adhesive is applicable and the seam is not mandatory.


During the outdoor use the product shows good self-cleaning capabilities. In case of strong contamination, the high-pressured pure water cleaning (similar to the car washing jet) can be applied. The use of detergent additives is solely on the risk and discretion of the client. In case of the floor use – after the 3-4 sealant layers applied the conventional floor washing is applicable. The re-new of the sealant layers may be required depending on the floor usage and your sealant quality.