Famble Brick G

Тhis is a universal classical brick variant suitable for the multiple applications, where this product look and format are the most suitable. Famble Brick G – is the second basic variant of PHOMI Brick. It is characterised by its relatively even surface, and specific texture made of small surface holes of varied shapes (but never perforated through), slight rounded mould-face touch lines effect and its own tile size.

G 030038

G 030038

Product dimensions: 230x58x2,5-3 mm

Product weight: 4,16 kg/m²

Box dimensions: 460x260x160 mm

Pieces/box: 450

Kg/box: 23-25

M²/box: 6,00

Box/pallet: 40


This information is for orientation purpose only and is subject to a possible change according to the actual packaging offer. 


Among the PHOMI Famble Brick G type you’ll find one of the cheapest items of PHOMI MCM assortment yelding only to Facing Brick A. Add to this the absence of need in any special gluing substance, the ease and cheapness of logistics and application as well as a neat look of your walls for the decades in front.


like any other PHOMI product. Before the application, the PHOMI Brick should be dry (24 h after the application the MCM bricks can be in contact with the water again).


In case of the floor or behind kitchen link application we recommend 3-4 sealant layers for the dirt resistance.