Auspicious Clouds

PHOMI MCM Auspicious Clouds panels/slabs can become a better alternative to the classical wallpaper: completely firesafe, scratch and shock-resistant. The pattern depicting the clouds in naїve-painting way expressing the joy and in the same time represents mastery in classical Chinese painting tradition. The surfaces are aimed for the exclusive design interiors, such as home spaces, shopping malls and galleries – walls, ceilings, columns of both round and rectangular shape.



Product dimensions: 1800x600x3 mm

Product weight: 5,51 kg/m²

Box dimensions: 1840x640x85 mm

Pieces/box: 8

Kg/box: 47,6

M²/box: 8,64

Box/pallet: 10


This information is for orientation purpose only and is subject to a possible change according to the actual packaging offer.


Joyful curly dynamic pattern of clouds pattern.


Grouting: For the grouting we recommend to use the similar, nearest possible color for the joints to create the best visual effects.

In case of outdoor installation: as for any kind of outdoor cladding we recommend to use high-quality flexible adhesive.