15 September, 2016

PHOMI MCM Holding European Head Office Opening

In September 2017 it came time for PHOMI MCM Holding officially to add Europe to its markets on the Globe. It was marked by establishing PHOMI MCM s.r.o. (or informally “PHOMI Europe”) in the heart of EU – Czech Republic. It was chosen České Budějovice to become the administrative and geographical center of PHOMI advancement in European region.

To fulfill its function the Headquarters at Dlouha street 15 in České Budějovice have been equipped with a splendid 700 m2 MCM showroom containing more than 100 kinds of MCM products and a warehouse that permanently contains over 15000 m2 of MCM safety stock what is enough in the beginning phase of opening the marker to support the local sales and start pan-European business.

Mr. Liming Wang was chosen as a CEO being a secondary shareholder of the European HQ. The primary shareholder of PHOMI Europe is PHOMI MCM CO., LTD (core PHOMI organization) led by Mr. Shi – the inventor of the MCM material and the head of the global PHOMI Holding.

Though the European head office takes part in the occasional sales, mainly for the market testing purposes, its main function is to be the “embassy” of PHOMI Holding in Europe with the following key functions:

  • To create and realize the development strategy of PHOMI MCM on the European market;
  • To appoint the national and regional distributors;
  • To regulate and harmonize the European PHOMI MCM market;
  • To create and realize the marketing and price policies on the market;
  • To be the VOC in the Europe before the Global Head Office and production;
  • To provide all required and possible support the channel distributors as well as to be the point of the market experience accumulator and distributor among our partners across our region;
  • To be the integrator of European market into the global market strategy of PHOMI Holding.

It has been chosen to use the indirect PHOMI MCM goods realization model, wherever it will be possible, due to our great trust in our Channel Partners, their local expertize and sales power. Starting from that moment the active search of capable national distributors started. It has been also decided that shortly after the majority of the European countries would be covered with the national distributors’ network and the sufficient sales volumes would be generated, to establish the local European production of the MCM goods.

We believe that the sustainable future of Earth is only possible with the model where nature, human society and business co-exist in harmony. The properties of the PHOMI MCM products what concerns

  • very high ecological standards at the stage of the raw materials development, pollution-less ultra-modern production method and the harmless disposability of the PHOMI MCM products at the end of their life-cycle will benefit the nature;
  • unique technical, physical, usability and aesthetics characteristics will benefit the society;
  • value power for the end-customer and businesses will benefit the commercial sector.

We, who work for PHOMI and our shareholders strongly believe that such products have all of the necessary characteristics to succeed on the contemporary market and have the reserved potential to be successful and widely accepted in the long observable future.