Modified clay as a green alternative for ceiling cladding

Buildings designs are now more complex than they have been ten or twenty years ago. And it’s not only about the functionality, lifespan or ROI. The regulatory requirements become more demanding as well as recent years showed the public leap of consciousness about the materials and technologies that are in simultaneous harmony with society, business and nature.   

PHOMI Holding is the MCM industry founder and the World leader in highly ecological and safe throughout their entire lifecycle modified clay ceiling materials.

Did you know that PHOMI MCM is particularly suitable for the ceiling cladding? Due to the very light weight, the application of PHOMI MCM on the ceiling is easy and fast, and exploitation is extremely long and safe. The very special feature of our materials is their bendability which will be the best possible solution for your arches, design curvature of the ceiling and its supporting columns. 

Discover the unique blend of PHOMI MCM cladding benefits here.

Let us present to you some of our ceiling realizations from around the World: